Saturday, 22 September 2007

Acrylic earrings

Earlier this year, as part of the Level 2 Colour project in the class, I did some preliminary experiments using acrylic. I was motivated by the glorious results produced by experts: see my earlier post for links to three websites.

The starting point for the earrings was a 10 mm diameter clear acrylic rod. I cut two slices (each about 4 mm thick) from this using a piercing saw. Wet and dry paper (used wet) of grades 600 and 800 was then used to smooth the cut faces, and reduce the thickness of each slice to 3 mm. The cut faces were still matt at this stage, and polishing grade paper was used to regain their transparency.

Acrylic paint was applied to one polished face, in layers. Two coats of varnish (I used polymer clay varnish) were applied on top of the paint. Finally, a silver earring post was glued to the back with two part epoxy glue. It seemed likely that the layers would be ripped apart when the earring backs were pulled on and off the posts, but this hasn't happened yet (4 months).

I very much like the way the light enters the acrylic through the sides as well as through the front face, making the paint take on a glow. I shall definitely be using acrylic again. A larger picture is on flickr.

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