Thursday, 20 September 2007

Felt earrings with dots and stripes

felt penguinNo! No! This little chap isn't an earring. He's here to illustrate how I learned how to needle felt. I bought a kit from Twist Fibre Craft Studio at Woolfest. The kit was a great way to start, with all the necessary bits and pieces to make a penguin family and clear instructions.

I then moved on to make balls by needle felting, adding a design once the shape was well formed. The balls were finished off by wet felting to make them nice and hard. It isn't very easy to control a pattern when wet felting the ball from the start, but using both methods seems to work well.

felt earringsThese earrings were made from some of my first little balls, which are about 15 mm in diameter. Each one has a different pattern because I was trying things out, but I rather like them as a non-matching pair. The wires are silver and the drop 35 mm.

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