Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Supplies by post/mail

Like many of my fellow students I order my silver and other jewellery supplies online from a company based in Birmingham. It is always fun ordering and as the items are usually delivered the next day, the fun of the parcel follows quickly.

Each item in the parcel is separately labelled. The labels carry your own name. This can be useful at the evening class as it helps us stop getting stuff mixed up between us. The labels also include the name of the person at the company who has cut your length of wire or whatever. It is not uncommon for about six different people to have contributed to one of my parcels.

In spite of that personal touch, the added layer of distance provided by internet ordering does affect what I buy. On a recent order I was getting worried at the mounting cost, so bought just 20 cm of one type of wire, as that was all I really needed. I would probably have been embarrassed to ask for so little in person. As it is, the employee named on the label probably had a few thoughts about the extreme parsimony of this particular customer!

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