Saturday, 12 April 2008

Review - Brief number 2: Combining techniques

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The second brief at Level 3 of my course was introduced in this post.

A list of seven techniques was given, and we were asked to design a piece of jewellery that used at least two of the techniques. I had to exclude two because I hadn't been very successful with them in previous efforts (repousse and enamelling) and two because I hadn't yet tried them for myself (casting and using a variety of metals). This left forming, mixed media and stone setting.

My final piece, the tree ring and felt design, included mixed media and stone setting techniques. Although the piece isn't a particularly dramatic combination of two advanced techniques, I'm pleased with it. One of my aims with this brief was to move beyond producing beginner pieces and to try and make something that was the product of a documented design process. In this respect at least, I have succeeded!

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