Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Starting to ripple

I made my first ripple! Based on one of the sketches shown in this post. It is about 4 cm long. I was reasonably pleased with it, so I've taken a few steps back and am now working out how to make them properly.

The first step was to get some copper wire to experiment with. I wanted to make a set of shapes at different sizes to decide which aspect ratio (shape size to wire thickness) I liked best. The copper wire was much softer than the silver, and I had trouble making smooth curves.

So, taking another step back I decided to work on developing a method to make the shapes reproducibly and without too many kinks. I made good progress with that. The shapes link together well too, so I'll keep going with this idea.

As I work on this, the shapes will probably move away from the original inspiration seen in this photo.

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