Sunday, 28 October 2007

Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan

I visited the Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan exhibition at the British Museum about ten days ago. There was no jewellery, but there were some large metalworked items incorporating inlay and hammered finishes. The item that inspired me most however was one of the kimonos. From a distance the pattern looked a bit like an array of CDs catching the light. Close up though, you could see that these patterns were made of radial strips of deepening tone.

My interpretation of the pattern, generated using Paint Shop Pro, is shown here. Click on it for a larger image.

Details of the kimono: Melody (Senritsu) 1968, Matsubara Yoshichi (born 1937), Indigo stencil dyeing on silk. There are pictures of it here and here (At the second link, use the Next button 5 times to reach the correct picture).

The shapes reminded me a little of fold formed items I've seen when looking into 3D forming. I now wonder if one could achieve an effect similar to the shading by hammering and oxidation.

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