Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Model icebreaker

The evening classes have started again! To get us into the swing of things again, we had an icebreaker session. Each of us had to make a model (from card, foam, wire etc.) of a piece of jewellery for another member of the class. Someone that we didn't already know. The idea was to find out a little about the other person and then make something personalised to their interests. It worked very well, with a remarkable collection of colourful models produced by the end of the evening. Everyone managed to explain why their item was so suitable too. Apart from getting us talking to each other, the aim of the exercise was to encourage us to make models and try things out before launching into production.

We got our project briefs too. Previously we've had just one brief at a time, but this time there are two. One to make something and one to design something. More about these in a later post.

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