Thursday, 25 October 2007

Moo card holder

I love all the tutorials that are available in blogs! I followed this one, from designverb to make these neat little holders for Moo mini-cards. The one at the back of the picture, like those in the tutorial, is made from a couple of the cardboard colour swatches you can get in the DIY superstore to help you decide on paint colours. The other one is an original breezily watercolour swatch. It will be rather less robust, but I think it looks good! The swatch patterns remind me a little of some of the designs for resin and silver jewellery at the sites I listed in a previous post.

There are two templates provided in the instructions, one for standard business cards and a custom template. I used the custom template, and scaled it to 75% to make the holder suitable for moo cards.

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