Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hammered earrings completed

I have finished the earrings shown as work in progress in this post. The silver came from an old bracelet, and the design of the earrings is based on a necklace project in the January 2008 Art Jewelry magazine.

The total drop is 4 cm.

These close-up photos are so unforgiving! I think I may not have finished after all; there is still some filing and polishing to be done! Space was tight on the back, so I had to file down the top of the lower half-ovals so that it was possible to close the little hook.

I am going to put these to one side and come back to them in a few weeks. I need to view them with a fresh eye to be sure that I am not judging them rather uncritically because I am so pleased to have recycled the bracelet!


Lucky said...

loved these - i wish i could make jewelry :)

breezily said...

Thank you Lucky!