Saturday, 19 January 2008

Tree ring design alterations

The other day, the square wire that I ordered for making my brooch arrived. It was finer than I had thought, and this will have an effect not only on the appearance of the finished item, but also on the practical issue of fastening the brooch. The original plan had been to attach a little bit of fine tubing, on the back at the top of the brooch, and fix a wire pin through this. The pin would fasten into a loop on the back of my mounted felt cylinder. There really isn't room to attach anything on the thin wire.

Instead I shall use a separate pin. For this to work, the brooch as a whole needs a little curvature, so there is space for the pin. I was having trouble drawing this, so made a little model using a short length of wire, a head pin and a button. All three items were on my desk! I really do need to tidy.

The model was enormously helpful, and I believe I can curve the wire framework and still retain parts flat and level enough to fix it to the setting.

My tutor suggested echoing the spiral theme on the end of the pin. I need to draw a few more to decide on the correct size. The example in the drawing at the start of this post is too big. The spiral could even be rotated by 90 degrees.

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