Saturday, 12 January 2008

Tree ring design continued

Further to my previous post, I have continued to modify my design inspired by the cut-off-tree-branch photo. The variation I liked best was one generated using the computer (rectangular to polar coordinate conversion in the Effects | Distortion | Polar coordinates menu of Paint Shop Pro). The shape is now much smoother than the original, but still has the same rings within rings format. I changed the relative sizes a bit, because the piece was getting a bit big overall. I have also simplified things for the first version by removing a decorative element associated with the setting.

Here is the design:

The spirally circle will be a slice from my felt sausage. It will be set, like a stone, in silver. The kidney-shaped rings will be made from square wire. A brooch pin will be fixed to the back, with the closing end on the back of the setting.


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